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When you click the link above and signup u will be receiving a mail, in which a confirmation link, login link, username and a password for ur account

Now click on the confirmation link and then Log into Your Niche Search Engine with the username and the password given in the mail.

Now Click on the Step 1

Step1 to Success: Affiliatise
Just 3 Clicks to complete the Step 1
In step one you will sign up for affiliate programs that are free to join. you DON'T have to sign up with the affiliate programs below. then Simply click "Click here to auto-complete all the fields below" link you will be finding there and then click on the 'Affiliatize' button below to continue to Step 2.

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In Step2 you have to register with GDI. After you registered with this you have your own domain name and web hosting, you get free trial period of 7 days. No need to pay a single penny.
Now click on step 2 in your Niche Search Engine and enter the username, password and domain name in the fields provided there. and then click on the 'Monetize' button below to continue to Step 3.

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Now click on step 3 in your Niche Search Engine and enter your paypal details and then click on the 'Advertize' button below. Here you get 30 days free trial and Your search engine is advertised on the popular search sites so that people will make use of your search engine and you earn commission for that. it is highly risk free you can cancel it even on 29th day of your free trial.
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Tissa's bi-weekly payout schedule.
Referral Fees will be sent using PayPal on 14th and 28th of each month (or the next business day if the 14th or 28th fall on a weekend or a U.S. holiday).
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